The Preparation

This post is regarding my restarting and refueling my  civil services preparation.

Analysis of my present scenario:

I have been reading history, polity, economy and geography from NCERT previously which I enjoyed to read. But the problem with that is, in the new books the topics run like stories which gave me a good memory of stories but not the details. I have tried to solve some questions from the question bank, I could not remember the details for any of the question though I could easily tell the context in which the question is being asked. And i am getting just below average in insightsonindia tests where as my aim to qualify for prelims and to  get a chance to write mains stars with getting atleast 150 in these tests.

What to do and What not to do

According to the analysis given above, to qualify prelims I need to fill in the knowledge gaps…to do that I will complete question bank and analyse insights test series. For the current events I will follow insights and only insights for reading and writing practice and for some of the theory I will follow Mr. Mrunal bhayya…


I need to make a timetable and follow it strictly to not become too complacent in the preparation


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